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Here’s How Self-watering Pots Work

Here’s How Self-watering Pots Work

You want to give the best care to the ones you love! So when it comes to your beloved plants it’s just the same. We want to give our comforters the best and when it comes to watering, it is always worrisome. Just like how every person is different, every plant is different too. So are their water needs. Many times we end up over-watering our plants leading to damaging the air pockets and the soil as well.

With so many advancements in every field, we got a solution to our water problems as well.

Self-watering pots are no new term now, these are able to water our plants with just the right amount. But how exactly do they work? Let us understand this.

There are 3 things common in all self-watering pots. The water reservoir, wick, and the soil. 

The lead role of self-watering pots is played by the capillary action. 

Now capillary action is basically the ability of any liquid to flow in narrow spaces without any assistance or opposition from an external force (Gravity for that matter!). When a small tube is placed in the water you can notice the water level in the tube is higher than that in the container. This is because of the intermolecular forces (Cohesive and adhesive forces). 

Once the water is filled in the reservoir, some of it rises in the wick which is further soaked by the soil. The roots are able to absorb the water present in the soil as per its need. Whenever the water content in the soil drops, it again soaks more water from the wick and the process continues. This way the plant is able to gather as much water it requires to meet its demand. 

But why go for these, when I can water my plants on my own?

As easy it is to pour water directly into the pot, it is not very much favored by the plants. We end up pouring less or more water causing our plants to become cranky. With Self-watering pots, the plants can drink as much as they want. Watering them is no more a worry. Once the reservoir is filled you are off-duty. All you need to do is refill it whenever it empties. These pots also save excess water going waste and help keep the roots moisturized.

Now that everything is learned, what’s stopping you? Go ahead and get your comforters these magical pots.

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