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Vegetables You Can Grow in Pots and Containers

Do you wish to grow your own vegetables but you don’t have a vast space or in-ground garden patch? Then this article is just for you. Here are a few vegetables that you can grow in pots and containers. Growing food in pots is often the easiest. Beans – most of the beans are climbers […]

Best Herbs to Grow for Tea

Herbal teas are a gentle way to include healing herbs in your everyday routine. It can be very relaxing to sit down and drink a freshly-steeped cup of tea, especially if you have grown the tea ingredients right in your own backyard! The best part about growing your own herbal tea is that herbs are […]

Best Easy to Grow Vegetables for Beginners

Growing your own vegetables is fun, healthy, and rewarding. But it can be daunting to know how and where to start. Should you start with beans or onions? Courgettes or asparagus? While it’s a good idea to grow what you like to eat, it’s also worth paying attention to how easy a crop is to […]

Beginners Guide to Grow Microgreens

If you’re a beginner gardening, looking to try growing plants indoors, consider growing your own microgreens as an introductory project. Growing your own fresh microgreens is quite easy and straightforward when you have the necessary supplies and start with easy plants to grow. It not only provides a fantastic indoor gardening experience, but the resulting […]

5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Gardening can improve your health, physically and mentally, add some healing herbs into the mix and you’ve double-downed on the benefits. The positives from growing your own herb garden are truly abundant, from saving money to getting outdoors to encouraging you to cook at home more often. And many of the tasty herbs you’ll incorporate […]

Homesteading 101: Getting Started

The world is heating up and landfills are overflowing, and because of this more and more people are starting to take notice of the impact they have on the environment and are trying to do their part by reducing their dependence on natural resources. Many people are moving back to the countryside and homesteading, growing […]

Gardening Trends to Dig Into in 2021

With everything going on in the world, many people are discovering the solace that comes from gardening and adding green to their lives, and experienced gardeners are diving deeper into their gardening activities and trying new things. So without further ado, here are the following gardening activities that are expected to be popular during 2021 More […]

5-Top Tips for Harvesting Herbs


Growing our own herbs at home is always a good idea to get fresh and most flavourful herbs that could make our everyday dishes from good to great. When harvesting herbs is really dependent on the type you are growing and the plant part you intend to use. For example, when harvesting mint, you’ll just […]

Learn How to Pollinate Your Plants like a Bee

You must have probably heard someone complain that their tomato, cucumber, or squash plant’s flowers fall off or fail to set fruit even when fully bloomed? Or their strawberries produce very small deformed fruits. It can be quite astonishing especially when you hear it from someone who’s so much into gardening and strives to provide nearly […]