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Avocado is a type of berry, also known as butter fruit or alligator pears. They have a lot of health benefits and hence, one must consider including them in their daily diet. Avocados have a lot of calories and are high in good fat. Avocados also have a lot of vitamins and minerals in them […]


Blueberries are one of the most popular berries and people’s most favorite. They can be used in sweet dishes, beverages, and salads. They also have a lot of health benefits if you eat them daily. They are high in nutrients and low in calories. They have nutrients like fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese […]

Experiments with Sun Tea

Up for a simple and eco-friendly tea? Yes, you heard it right! Rather than boiling water on your stove or heating it up in the microwave, sunlight provides gentle heating that, over time, can brew the tea leaves you’ve selected. The container you use to make sun tea should be clear, to allow the sun’s […]

Beginner’s Guide to Watering Indoor Plants

While some people seem to have a knack for growing healthy houseplants, for the rest of us keeping a cactus alive can feel like a bit of a stretch. Here we share top tips on one of the most important aspects of indoor gardening – how to water your houseplants. These days you can buy […]

Get Your Plants Ready for Spring

As we pack away our winter clothes and prepare for spring, our plants are getting ready too. While in nature, plants work in sync with the seasons to make sure they are ready for the next one, indoor plants need some assistance from their human caregivers. Here are some procedures to follow to make sure […]

Learn How to Pollinate Your Plants like a Bee

You must have probably heard someone complain that their tomato, cucumber, or squash plant’s flowers fall off or fail to set fruit even when fully bloomed? Or their strawberries produce very small deformed fruits. It can be quite astonishing especially when you hear it from someone who’s so much into gardening and strives to provide nearly […]

Master the Art of Pruning- Guide for Beginners

Pruning is nothing new. It is a common practice of seasoned gardeners to maintain strong steady growth in plants by stimulating the vigorous growth of new shoots. Pruning rejuvenates old or neglected shoots, enhances plant shape and flowering (in the case of flowering plants), but hang on a second.  What the heck is pruning? And […]

Best Plants to Grow in Your Pico


If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably wondering: what plants can I grow in Pico. Growing your first plant can be quite intimidating. There are infinite plants to choose from, but if you’ve never grown plants before this can get a little hard for you. Some plants are tougher to grow, care and need […]

6-Common Gardening Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Gardening mistakes

Mistakes ought to happen. Almost all plant parents make mistakes. Parenting is all about making mistakes and learning from them. The key to successful parenting is to know those novice mistakes and avoid making them. With little practice and consistency,  you can master the art of gardening. Just make sure you share your mistakes with […]

Plant Lighting Basics

Houseplants are a great way of adding life to your interiors. Small plants add striking texture and color, making a statement anywhere in the house, while big plants blend well with your furniture. Though indoor plants can brighten up our spaces, growing them is not so easy for everyone. Most of us struggle to understand […]