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Herbs In Smoothies


Is your smoothie ritual starting to grow a bit stale? Don’t you worry, cause herbs have come to the rescue! With a gentle sprinkling of herbs, you can add the zing which elevates your smoothie to a level you couldn’t have earlier fathomed. Here are some herbs you can add to your smoothies. Turmeric – […]

Protein-Packed Plant Food


There’s a myth often propounded with regards to getting one’s daily fix of protein, which is that you cannot get enough protein from plant-based diets. Contrary to this popular yet misguided belief,  there are plenty of protein-packed plant food options to choose from and we are listing them all down.  Beans – These low-cost, multi-purpose […]

Benefits Of Peanut Butter

Peanut butter

Peanut butter has many benefits and has long been touted as a way to pack proteins along with good fats which help your body function better. This one is dedicated to the rich, yet humble peanut butter.  It has the potential to be a good source of protein – 100 grams of peanut butter could […]

Top 5 Seeds You Should Be Eating

Flax seeds

Modern-day living means that a lot of natural dietary supplements were a mainstay in our households and were consumed across generations for better health. Seeds make for an amazing snacking option for when one feels peckish. Here are five seeds you can eat on a regular basis.  Flax seeds – flax seeds suppress appetite and […]

Top 5 Best Keto Fruits


In the age of conscious fitness, people have been seeking out the best diets since most bodies are said to be made in the kitchen. A lot of enthusiasts have gone for fruit-only diets but oftentimes, people wonder if there are fruits that can help them fulfill their ketogenic dietary needs. Here are some keto […]


Buying what is in the season while it is at its peak is a simple method to save money on fruits and veggies. We have arrived in February, and organic fruit and vegetables may appear to be in short supply. However, there are still lots of wonderful things to be prepared using some of the […]


Take comfort in knowing, vegans, vegetarians, as well as everyone else who wants to consume more plants: You do not have to limit your protein choices to chicken or steak! In fact, a wide variety of plants contain protein. Here we will discuss a few pulses that are great to include in your protein-rich diet.  […]

Herbs That Go Well With Pizza


This year, enlist the help of your entire family to cultivate a pizza garden. This flexible garden will be a wonderful success when it comes time to prepare homemade pizza, whether cultivated directly on the ground, in a pot, or planted on a windowsill. Below we have listed a few herbs you can grow in […]


There’s no doubting the many virtues of home-growing your own food. Not only do you get to eat fresh and healthy, but you actually end up making something of an economical choice in the long scheme of things. Just like one would have a vague idea as to how much produce one needs to fulfill […]