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Do you love gardening and wish to keep your surroundings green and beautiful but do not have much space to grow plants? Why not try growing tiny houseplants that are easy to care for and will thrive well without compromising with your elbow room. Here’s a list of tiny plants that look amazing for your […]


Owing to their therapeutic and even medicinal qualities, many people tend to gardens and even maintain indoor gardens. Plants are known to improve the air quality of the vicinity they occupy and have been known to help people with allergies and respiratory conditions like asthma. Here’s a list of plants one can go for. Peace […]


The feeling of freshness and being revitalized can do wonders for our mental health. It is widely known how houseplants can both supplement better air quality and also add a fresh fragrance to one’s surroundings. Here are the best houseplants which can bring not only aroma but serenity to your home. Lavender – a perfect […]


If you wish to add some color to your house, then indoor plants with pink leaves are the best option for you. Yes, you have read it right! Plants don’t just have pink flowers, they can also have leaves with a combination of green and pink colors. Such plants tend to be eye-catching. Here are […]

Why do houseplants get brown tips?

Browning tips are unsightly and people get upset because of it. There could be a couple of different reasons. Here are a few reasons as to why the houseplants get brown tips. Could usually be because of too much or too little watering or the plant’s sensitivity to certain substances in the water.  Could also […]

Indoor plants for your office

It is always a good idea to include some life into your workspace. Plants can help you by improving productivity and satisfaction on the job. It also beautifies your space. Having plants around will also help in reducing your stress and increasing your creativity. They also help absorb background noise. Mentioned below are a few […]

Why A Lucky Bamboo Turns Yellow

Lucky bamboo is a plant that looks like true bamboo, but is also called Dracaena or Dracaena Sanderiana, and sold in most home and garden stores. Even though the leaves and stems are similar to real bamboo plants, lucky bamboo makes a great indoor plant that loves water, and grows best in high humidity conditions. […]

Plants That Keep Mosquitoes Away

No matter what the season is, mosquitoes are found in every corner of our house. If you don’t want to douse yourself or your garden in chemical bug sprays you can grow some of the mosquito repellent plants to help keep mosquitoes away naturally. Here are a few plants that keep mosquitoes away and are […]

Playing with Houseplants for Indoor Garden Therapy

An indoor garden can be your safe haven from the outside world, and for many a great source of joy. Most people like having beautiful plants around. But there’s more to it. Physically, an indoor garden contributes to cleaner, healthier air for us to breathe as they reduce indoor dust by 20%, therefore, improving our […]