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You might have heard the tale of “The Selfish Giant”. If you don’t, it was basically about a giant that kept his beautiful garden to himself and wouldn’t let kids enter cause he felt that they’d ruin the garden. When the children stopped coming, his garden shrunk up and started dying. That’s when he realized […]


If you wish to add some color to your house, then indoor plants with pink leaves are the best option for you. Yes, you have read it right! Plants don’t just have pink flowers, they can also have leaves with a combination of green and pink colors. Such plants tend to be eye-catching. Here are […]

How to propagate an umbrella plant

The Umbrella plant is also known as Dwarf Schefflera. It is easy to propagate an umbrella plant. One must propagate their plants to increase its collection. The best time to propagate your umbrella plant is in the spring or early summer. Before propagating, make sure your plant is pest and disease-free. Here’s how to propagate […]

Why do houseplants get brown tips?

Browning tips are unsightly and people get upset because of it. There could be a couple of different reasons. Here are a few reasons as to why the houseplants get brown tips. Could usually be because of too much or too little watering or the plant’s sensitivity to certain substances in the water.  Could also […]

Seed Starting Mistakes To Avoid

Every gardener has their own choices for seed starting. No matter the method you use, there are a few best practices that apply to all seed starting routines, and are especially important when starting seeds indoors. If you have mixed seed starting success from year to year, you might be making some of these common […]