PicoMax-World’s Smartest Gardening Assistant

After a Year-Long Process of Extensive Upgrades, The World’s Most Advanced Gardening Kit, PicoMax, is Officially Available to consumers.

May 25, 2021, Altifarm launches the crowdfunding campaign for its newest innovation PicoMax, a gardening assistant that breaks all negative stereotypes about indoor gardening. After its launch on Kickstarter, PicoMax received massive support from the backers and smashed its funding goal in just 20 minutes.

icoMax is an all-in-one gardening kit that unites all necessary equipment for you to enjoy the nature inside your house with zero hassle and minimal actions. 

A year ago, the first version of PicoMax, Pico, launched its super-successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and raised $1,775,378 with the support of over 20,000 crowdfunding community members (100% of Picos have already been shipped). It’s hard to describe how happy we were each time we received a positive reaction from the backers. 

However, we knew that Pico still had room for improvement. We asked our backers for feedback and shortly after started the revamp. Finally, we are proud to announce that the world’s smartest gardening pot is ready.


These are the new features and upgrades that are followed in PicoMax.

Self-watering system:

We redesigned the smart watering system in PicoMax and extended the time-space needed for watering from 1 week to 10 days. All you need is to top up the transparent container and let PicoMax do its job. With its capillary wick, PicoMax will make sure your plants always receive the right amount of water.

Real-time clock & dimming:

The LED light in Pico could damage the leaves of your plant, especially if you forgot to turn off the device. The problem is fixed in PicoMax, as the new dimming feature guarantees the plants don’t get too much light, while the built-in real-time clock ensures your plants get their recommended amount of sunlight every day without you having to turn it off and on.


Forget about all those cables and a power source. PicoMax’s internal battery ensures 4-days of unattended, non-powered use. Take a little break, knowing your plants will still get their daily dose of light and water. For additional information and updates, check out the official Kickstarter page of PicoMax.

Bigger size:

Pico is the coolest kit I’ve ever used, but I wish it were bigger.”- says one of our backers. This and many other such comments lead us to resize the Pico and make it three times bigger. With PicoMax, your plants have more room to grow and thrive.

About the company.

Altifarm Enverde is a startup based across the USA and India.s. With our products, we help people grow a substantial amount of fresh produce at home, with soil-based and soil-less methods. We created Pico and PicoMax to bring up the conversation around sustainable practices in food, and by participation, to have a greater appreciation for fresh produce among family members, including children.

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