It is quite possible that you aren’t exactly the sort to hold back when you’re in the mood to give and while people don’t really have a threshold as to how much you can give them and would take anything off your hands, plants do. Many times, the growth of a plant suffers due to overwatering, which affects the soil and makes it a bit difficult for the plant to get comfortable. In brief, too much of anything is bad. Here are a few plants though, which thrive in overwatered settings.

  • Pitcher plant – it is a carnivorous plant and needs constant water, that is devoid of any minerals. You could use distilled water or rainwater. 
  • Bamboo – the easiest plant to maintain. Thrives well in ample water. Make sure the bamboo is planted in well-drained soil as its roots should not be soggy. 
  • Pothos – is a very versatile plant. It can thrive well in both dry and wet soil. Make sure you don’t keep your pothos under direct sunlight.
  • Baby tears – as they love moisture, they are usually used in terrariums. Make sure you don’t leave these plants waterlogged as it would cause root rot.