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Combo PICO - Pack of 3 with Timer

Pico – Plant Parenting Made Simple

  • An all-year grow unit that fits your palm.
  • Grow on any surface with multiple mount options.
  • Get started with plant parenting.
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Product information

Made from food-safe, BPA-free recyclable materials, Pico is a tiny indoor plant pod. It makes plant keeping simple and easy. 

Pico is filled to the brim with clever features. 

With the telescopic grow lights,self-watering, and multiple-mounting options, Pico makes growing plants at home easy and accessible to all.

Easy and affordable, Pico ensures that your plant journey is a success from day one.


Food safe, BPA-free recyclable body

Pressure die-cast aluminum heat sink

Aluminum telescopic arm

OSRAM LEDs with secondary lenses

Custom-braided USB-C Cables


Weight: 0.5lbs / 250gms

Grow medium: 0.22lbs / 100g

Water storage: 90ml / 0.02gal

Assembled size: 12.5*3.2*2.4in / 32*8.2*6.3cm

Packaged size: 5.5*3.5*3in / 14*9*7.5cm

Colors: White Coral, Blue Stone and Sea Green.

  • “These Pots Let You Grow an Indoor Mini Garden, Even If You Don’t Have Natural Light”

  • “The Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits to Adorn Your Workspace”

  • “Sticks anywhere waters itself, and grows anything!”

  • “Pico microgarden lets you grow anywhere from home to care”

Plant Parenting Is Now Simple, Easy, And Fun

PICO grows with your plants, waters by itself, provides the energy of sunlight, and sticks to any surface. It will help you take your first steps into the magnificent world of growing plants. Easy and affordable, it ensures your plant journey is a success from day one.

Easy Returns

International Shipping

1 Year Warranty

Hello, Sunshine!


Powered by high-performance, energy-efficient LEDs from OSRAM, PICO energizes your plant with all the necessary wavelengths. Day or night. Spring or fall.

Make Headroom


Play catch up with turbocharged plant growth. PICO’s Telescopic Height Adjustment accommodates your plant’s accelerated growth spurt up to 9 inches.

Find out why Chris and other 25,000+

Pico-Squad members love PICO

Team Up


Extend the network. Share the supply. Connect multiple PICOs together with the daisy chain cables included.

Goodbye, Guesswork


PICO’s self-watering system lets your plant draw exactly as much water as it needs. Just, top-up once a week, and you’re good.

4 Steps to Ace Plant Parenting

The Power Of Attraction


With its powerful neodymium magnets, PICO lets you stick it on metallic surfaces, such as a fridge door. Magnetic cable organizers are also included in the package.

Place it. Hang it. Stick it.


With the included Multi-mount bracket and high-strength 3M VHB adhesive patches, you could grow on any vertical surface. Be it a wall, glass window, or a mirror, fresh plants are always welcome.

How does it compare

  • ArkoenA


    Pico is a little plant pot that waters itself and has a built in overhead plant light on a telescopic pole. They are super cute and functional. Super excited to get a couple fast growing plants in there and see what happens! 😁 💚 🌱🌵🌿

  • Frengo


    They are really cute and don't ruin the decor like a lot of pots do. Good quality and doing all the hard work for my plants

  • Amif


    Pico is awesome! Barely believable how something the size of a cup can do so much legwork.

  • Erutan


    I gifted these to my relatives and none of them were gardeners, but now they are! I've even started growing my own herbs in these. They are really quite something. Bang for the buck.

  • Curiosity 20

    Curiosity 20

    Extremely happy with my purchase. These have been a life saver. I can't move around much cause of an ailment so my plants needed something just like this

  • Burreeto


    As soon as I got my Picos, I knew my garden was sorted.Loving the design

  • Tim


    I planted some succulents in these. I’m already enjoying this journey! I highly recommend these

  • angelathedruid


    I got my first #PicoPlanter hung! 🌱

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