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Herbstation | Grow On, Show Off.

  • A slick compact self-sustaining smart garden.
  • Grow edibles, flowers, vegetables and a lot more.
  • Indoor gardening, hasslefree.
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1. Free PICO-Timer ($29) along with Pack of 3.

Product information

Made from food-grade BPA-free HDPE/ABS materials, Herbstation is a compact indoor farm. It is designed for small spaces and built with keen attention to detail and well-thought-out features.

You can grow fresh herbs, veggies, and microgreens all year round.

Herbstation can grow along with your plants with the push-button height adjustment.
Grows your plants with the help of magnetic LED grow lights.

Fill up your Herbstation with water once a week, and let our system handle the rest.

Herbstation is easy to use and harvesting fresh produce is super fun!


Aluminum alloy Heat Sync Body
PMMA Secondary Lens
ABS Light Cover
Glass-filled Nylon Arms
ABS Self-Watering Cap
Food-safe, BPA-free HDPE Upper Tub
Food-safe, BPA-free HDPE Lower Tub
PC Water Level Window
ABS Slider Button

Care Instructions

• You may periodically clean the plastic tubs of the grow tubs with soap and warm water. Do not use other solvents, chemicals, or abrasive brushes.
• You may flush the tubs with running water from a tap or a hose, and remove residue from the other end, by pulling out overflow tubes once every 3 to 6 months.


• Weight – 14.5lbs / 6.5kgs
• Grow medium – 7.7lbs / 3.5kgs
• Water storage – 4.5L / 1.5gal
• Assembled size – 22*10*19in / 56*25.5*48cm
• Packaged size – 23.5*10.5*9.5in / 59.5*26.5*24cm

• Weight – 18lbs / 8kgs
• Grow medium – 15.5lbs / 7kg
• Water storage – 4.5L / 1.5gal
• Assembled size – 22*11*47in / 56*28*120cm
• Packaged size – 24*21*9.5in / 60*53*24cm

Floor standing
• Weight – 25lbs / 11kgs
• Grow medium – 23lbs / 10.5kgs
• Water storage – 4.5L / 1.5gal
• Assembled size – 22*13*63in / 56*33*160cm
• Packaged size – 24*30*10in / 60*77*25cm

Herbstation adds a special something to your home decor, while giving you the freedom of all-year growing. It is designed with smaller spaces kept in mind, but without compromising on ability or aesthetics. Built with a keen attention to detail and well thought out features, Herbstation helps simplify home farming while looking good at it.


Breathe life into home interiors

Designed for compactness with earthy inspiration, Herbstation goes well with all kinds of interiors while leaving more room for you. Go on, add a dash of green to your living space.


Switch on the sun

Powered with high-performance, energy-efficient OSRAM LEDs external sunlight is no longer a factor.


Watering, just right

Herbstation’s seven day self-watering system lets your plants draw exactly as much water as they need. Guesswork, no more.


Freshness, from plant to plate

Couldn’t get fresher than herbs, edibles and vegetables plucked right before your meal. Eat healthy, eat smart.


Rule the elements

With Herbstation’s expansion greenhouse packs seasons can’t stop you from growing on and on.


Raise the bar

Make headroom for your growing garden with push-button ease.

Customer Reviews

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  • The most flexible gardening system that grows fresh produce year-round

  • A simple solution that will enable urban consumers to grow their own greens and produce from the comfort of their existing living space

  • An easy to use and harvesting fresh produce is super fun!

  • A system created to enable indoor gardeners to grow fresh herbs, micro greens and veggies all year long

  • Krista E

    Krista E

    Growing Dwarf Grey Sugar Peas in my Herbstation

  • bluewhitesparkle


    Update on the kitchen table #Herbstation

  • m15ter51n


    Took up gardening and I love this indoor setup, I can grow my own salad!

  • Marin L

    Marin L

    Best purchase ever! The herbstation has inspired me to have more plants around.

  • Sylivia


    Harvesting super fresh microgreens is all fun now just because of Herbstation!! I’m loving it!!

  • Khaled S

    Khaled S

    I finally set them up. My chilies are loving their new home. They are worth all the money that I spent on them

  • Eti


    Really love how easy it is to set up Herbstation. A good alternative to everyone thinking of starting a new gardening adventure and self-sustained lifestyle

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