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How to Handle Garden Waste?

garden waste

Having and maintaining a beautiful garden also involves being able to manage the garden waste. It may not sound as big of a deal but taking care of the waste generated can be a task. We can categorize the waste under two broad terms first the garden organics and solid rubbish. The leaves and flowers, […]

How Should I Fertilize My Vegetable Garden?

Fertilize the garden

Plants need nutrients to stay healthy and strong. Soil contains all the nutrients that a plant needs to support its growth. The nutrients are delivered to the plants through roots while absorbing the water. Over a period of time, the nutrient contained in the soil starts depleting and needs replenishment. Usually, the soil through natural […]

How to Get Rid of Mold on Indoor Plant Soil

mold in houseplants

Mold in houseplant soil is a source of tremendous frustration for indoor plant enthusiasts. While mold in houseplant soil isn’t harmful to your plant, it can indicate an issue with how you’re caring for it. Fortunately, there’s no need to be concerned; mold in indoor plant soil is usually harmless, and it’s easy to get […]

Plants That Attract Birds


Spring will add beauty, color, shape, and even aroma to your garden. But that’s not all – birds are also fascinated by vegetation! Seedheads, berries, nectar, and fruit attract songbirds and hummingbirds throughout the year, giving them the energy they need to accomplish critical things such as flying, mating, and migration. Coneflower – With low-maintenance […]

How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Watered While on Vacation


Going out of town can be stressful, especially if you’re going a long distance. You’ve probably forgotten how to water the lovely houseplants and healthy fruit and vegetable garden you’ve worked so hard to grow by the time you get your bags packed, kids in the vehicle, pet care organized, and travel plans sorted. But […]

Top 5 Clever Gardening Tips and Ideas for Beginners


Maintaining a beautiful home garden is a lot of labor, but with these great gardening techniques, you can work more efficiently—and put less burden on your wallet. Start with healthy soil in your garden – for nutrient-rich planting beds, work in compost, manure, or dried peat moss. The amended soil is lighter, drains better, is […]

Grow Lights for Indoor Plants & Gardening

Grow light for plants

Indoor gardening has numerous advantages. The most obvious advantages are that garden pest are unable to access your plants, and you have complete control over the weather. However, unless you’re fortunate enough to have a solarium or greenhouse linked to your home, getting enough light for your indoor plants will be a challenge (unless you […]


Buying what is in the season while it is at its peak is a simple method to save money on fruits and veggies. We have arrived in February, and organic fruit and vegetables may appear to be in short supply. However, there are still lots of wonderful things to be prepared using some of the […]


Flowers may be the appropriate candidate for Valentine’s Day presents, but the modest houseplant can be unexpectedly alluring as well – and, similar to the loving relationship you have with your partner, it is the gift that keeps on giving when treated with an adequate amount of love and care. Here are some of the […]