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Do you love to see new plant babies come to life? If yes, then try propagating your houseplants and see them thrive. It’s better to propagate your houseplants than buying new ones as that is an expensive deal. There are a lot of propagation techniques, out of which some can be done only by experienced […]


A lot of mental gymnastics is involved when it comes to choosing the best gift for a garden lover. To someone who holds great value in one’s life, it is not the opulence of a certain gift that impresses them but the thoughtfulness of it. When it comes down to picking gifts for a gardener, […]

Top 5 Microgreens You Must Grow

Microgreens have more nutrients and vitamins than any full-grown vegetables and hence are very healthy to eat. Microgreens are very easy to grow and take very little time. The average time for microgreens to grow is about 10 days to 2 weeks. They are a super-quick crop that can be grown year-round. You can grow […]

Tips For Growing Great Tomatoes

Growing tomatoes is a favourite hobby for many home gardeners, and even novice gardeners can have success when growing their very first tomato plant. While tomatoes aren’t too hard to grow, some knowledge is required to avoid common pitfalls. Follow these tips for growing great tomatoes. Soil pH matters – ideal soil pH is between […]

10 Pro Tips for Fertilizing Your Container Plants

Plants growing in containers have a limited amount of soil from which to obtain nutrients. The newly potted plant can take up nutrients present in the soil. But eventually, the nutrient source becomes depleted. You can of course repot the plant into a new container but fertilizing the existing pot is far easier and better […]

10 NASA Recognized Air-Purifying Plants

With lockdown and quarantine still in effect around most of the world, it’s getting harder and harder to rely on the great outdoors for a breath of fresh air. If you find yourself unable to leave the house, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy some good ol’ oxygen from mother nature. Here are 10 […]

Repot Your Houseplants

Repot Your Plant

Repotting is crucial for plants that outgrow their containers and become root-bound to give them an additional space to grow and also to provide fresh soil as it can become depleted of nutrients over time. Repotting is a fun garden task and extremely therapeutic! For some people, it is the gardening version of meditation!   Repotting […]

9-Most Trending Houseplants of 2021

In order to find out the most trending houseplants of 2021, we did some deep digging into Google trends, so that you don’t have to. Here are the top 10 houseplants that we predict will take the growing world by storm this year, to brighten up your home and your Instagram feed. These plants take […]

Save Space, Grow Vertically

Altifarm gives you the power to be self-reliant and grows farm-fresh edibles wherever you are. Now you can grow everything from herbs to root vegetables, take control of what you eat, and say no to chemicals and GMOs.

Even with limited space, anyone can grow a garden! People who live in spaces that lack large backyards, or who live in condos or apartments can embrace a space-saving garden that grows vertically instead of the traditional horizontal garden style. While the first thing that may come to your mind when I talk about a […]

Learn How to Pollinate Your Plants like a Bee

You must have probably heard someone complain that their tomato, cucumber, or squash plant’s flowers fall off or fail to set fruit even when fully bloomed? Or their strawberries produce very small deformed fruits. It can be quite astonishing especially when you hear it from someone who’s so much into gardening and strives to provide nearly […]