Why do houseplants get brown tips?

Browning tips are unsightly and people get upset because of it. There could be a couple of different reasons. Here are a few reasons as to why the houseplants get brown tips.

  • Could usually be because of too much or too little watering or the plant’s sensitivity to certain substances in the water. 
  • Could also be because of the buildup of fertilizer in the soil. You can get rid of it by flushing the soil by watering it until the water is coming out from the bottom. 
  • If your plants are kept near the heating or air conditioning duct, it will blow out overly dry air or if you are living in a dry climate, the tips of the leaves tend to turn brown. You can create a humidity tray with marbles and gravel which will humidify the air around. You can also mist the plants now and then. 
  • Another reason could be incorrect soil pH and because of this, the plant will not be able to take up the nutrients it needs. 
  • If the roots of the plant are damaged it will not be able to properly take up enough water and hence the tips of the leaves turn brown.