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Plants bring vitality, nutrition, and well-being, yet plant care could be daunting for many. We're here to change that with our range of all-season self-supporting products.

Whether you're first-timer dipping toes into plant-parenting or an urban farmer growing your own produce, we got you covered. Growing at home is now fun, easy, and rewarding.

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  • "The Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits to Adorn Your Workspace"

  • "PicoMax Is The Self-Watering Indoor Planter That Can Turn Your Thumb Green."

  • "Turn Your Apartment into the Garden of Eden."

  • "These Pots Let You Grow an Indoor Mini Garden, Even If You Don’t Have Natural Light"

  • "Altifarm is a modular solution for wannabe urban gardeners that lets you grow vegetables and herbs year-round, inside your apartment."

  • "Herbstation is the most flexible gardening system that grows fresh produce year-round."

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Join thousands of Altifarmers in their Plant Parenting Journey!

  • Tiffany


    Perfect for my flat. Using this for the last 1year and I like the self-watering system as I travel a lot.

  • kitkat_and_goodbar


    We highly recommend checking them out for yourself...you can grow all kinds of plants in the Picos

  • Ivans


    I received my Herbstation. They work great! Looking forward to growing more and more plants in them.

  • Dustin C

    Dustin C

    4 month update: Spearmint game is strong 💪

  • Melanie L.

    Melanie L.

    “They are really cute and don’t ruin the decor like a lot of pots do. Good quality and doing all the hard work for my plants!”

  • Biosmose


    As soon as I got my Picos, I knew my garden was sorted. Loving the design.

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