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Bring Nature Home

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Bring Nature Home

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Bring Nature Home

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Plants bring vitality, nutrition, and well-being, yet plant care could be daunting for many. We're here to change that with our range of all-season self-supporting products.

30,000+ Orders Shipped to 135+ Countries
10,000+ Reviews
Crowdfunded & Community-driven

Why Us

Grow Without Limitations

No seedpods or hydroponic subscriptions. Start with seeds or saplings, and grow medium of your choice.

Choice Of Grow Medium

Grow like you always knew - with good old garden soil or chose to grow hydroponically.

All Season Growing

With head-start in LED grow light technology with several industry-first features, you could grow anywhere, anytime of the year.

Crowdfunded & Community-driven

All our products have come to life through crowdfunding and our early adopter community drives our growth.

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    August 3, 2022

    5 Seasonal Produce For August

    Garlic - A little over two thousand years ago, the Greeks praised the garlic bulb as a "cure-all". It's still being touted as a health-boosting superfood today, thanks to its star ingredient: allicin - found at its highest potency in...

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  • Healthy Late-Night Snack Ideas
    July 20, 2022

    Healthy Late-Night Snack Ideas

    We all had cravings in the wee hours. We have a nighttime craving for fatty or sweet foods because of our biological rhythms. There are no healthful options among the readily available ones. The problem is determining what you can...

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  • Cool Summer Drinks
    July 6, 2022

    Cool Summer Drinks

    Summer is here and our search for the ultimate thirst quencher begins. We always crave cool drinks or cold water to cool down, so we compiled some of our favorites and here we have the recipes for you!Peach and thyme...

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