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Our Story

Altifarm began its journey in 2017 upon sensing that there’s a growing need for an all-season modular home farm owing to the demanding, fast-paced lifestyles people lead in today’s world, and across four successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, have brought the joys of indoor gardening to and earnt the lifelong friendship of 20,000+ amazing backers. We are based in India and have headquarters in the US

Crowdfunded and Loved Products
135+ Countries Shipped To
22,710+ Altifarmers

Our Mission

Altifarm, with its host of indoor gardening solutions designed to squeeze into a plethora of tight urban spaces and busy lifestyles, brings nature back to the home. With our commitment to delivering best-in-class products, we ensure that we bring in the sheer goodness of fresh, homegrown herbs and vegetables along with the therapeutic qualities of gardening in itself without much in the way of time, effort, or space having to be afforded.

Our Vision

We envision a future wherein we can bring a lush gardening and homegrown farming experience to every home, without the need for routine watering, electricity, or recurring subscriptions.