Get Your Plants Ready for Spring

Get Your Plants Ready for Spring

As we pack away our winter clothes and prepare for spring, our plants are getting ready too. While in nature, plants work in sync with the seasons to make sure they are ready for the next one, indoor plants need some assistance from their human caregivers.

Here are some procedures to follow to make sure your plants are ready to thrive during the spring.


Good Earth

Dust tends to build up on houseplants over the winter, which can become an optimal breeding ground for insects and pests. Spend some time wiping down leaves with a damp cloth. This time will also allow you to assess any damage that your plants may have.



It is possible that houseplants will have a bit of collateral damage after their winter sleep. Don’t be alarmed by some yellow or dead leaves. Since we want the plant to send its energy to only the healthiest leaves, it’s important to trim away the unhealthy parts. Remove any dead or dying leaves from the plant with clean, sharp scissors or pruning shears, wiping with rubbing alcohol between each snip. 


Dee Campling

The position of the sun relative to your house changes throughout the year. So it’s a good idea to assess your plants’ light needs. Some may need an angle change, while some may need to be relocated entirely. 


Lauren Geall

If any of your plants have outgrown their pots, spring is the perfect time to repot them. Especially if the roots are coming out of the pot’s drainage holes or nearing the top of the soil. Check out our article on repotting for a more indepth idea of what to do. 

If you like the idea of color blooming throughout the season, consider mixing annuals with perennials so that you’ll have color year-round. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll get a nice head start on preparing your garden for spring planting.

Happy spring and happy growing to you and your plants!

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