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Winter Garden To-Do List

Winter Garden To-Do List

Winter is a season of calm and cool. A natural clock that tests every being. Plants are the prime example of how life should be lived, irrespective of the condition. As humans, we can learn a lot by growing and nurturing a farm or a few plants. It teaches us a sense of responsibility, love, and care. Winter gardening is a fun way of understanding patience and learning the reliance on the bare minimum. Stated below are some pointers to help you have fun, yet sustain your farm through the cold winter months.

  • Having to pick the best plant is one of the most crucial decisions that can set the future of your winter farm. The options you have is to grow a plant that can grow in the cold, survive the cold or have a separate space to create a greenhouse effect and regulate the climate of that enclosure.
  • Know your crop/plant. Read ahead and understand the characteristics and requirements for the best yield. Most winter crops either want direct sunlight or can be grown underground which helps them fight nature’s untamed forces.
  • It is always better to start small. No matter how experienced one might be in farming, everything dwarfs against nature’s forces.
  • Just because it is an unsustainable season to grow, doesn't mean that the plants need to die. They can be brought inside where the air is conditioned and the temperature can be regulated using covers to create a greenhouse effect around the nursery. Usually, a plastic cover over the plant does the job and is a good insulator for such small projects.
  • Check for dried-up or wilted branches - It is good for the plant if you sever such branches. This action will cut off that dying branch from taking any further nutrients from the main boy which in turn will help save or distribute the plant’s resources better.
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