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5 Foods That Are Destroying Your Liver

5 Foods That Are Destroying Your Liver

One of the body's hardest-working organs is the liver. It functions as an energy storage tank, a chemical detoxifier, and an air filter. It works around the clock to ensure that your body receives the nutrients it requires while protecting you from the toxins you ingest throughout the day. The following foods are harming your liver.

  • Alcohol - On our list, this one might be the most obvious. An average drink, or 10 to 15 grams of alcohol, is processed by your liver in one hour. However, if you drink more than this and consistently enough, your liver may start to accumulate fat. Alcoholic fatty liver disease is the term for this ailment. Additionally, alcohol might accelerate the development of pre-existing liver disease. Your liver's role in metabolizing alcohol is one of its many tasks. Therefore, if you already have liver damage and keep drinking, your liver won't be able to digest alcohol as efficiently, causing further liver damage.
  • Red meat - Red meat can be more detrimental to your liver than beneficial, particularly if you have a severe liver illness such as cirrhosis or hepatitis. There are many concerns with this kind of meat. Saturated fats and other ingredients in red meat can eventually cause nonalcoholic liver disease. Due to the complex proteins and lipids in red meat, your liver must work very hard to process it.
  • Canned foods - Foods in cans are quite high in salt. Not only is sodium utilized to preserve food, but it also enhances the flavor. The initial stage of liver tissue scarring, fibrosis, can be brought on by high salt levels. Some canned goods also include other unhealthy components that should not be consumed frequently.
  • Sodas - Sodas are typically heavy in high fructose corn syrup. One of the worst things you can do to your poor liver is to expose it to this toxin. The drink is bad regardless of whether it contains sugar. The conversion of sugar into fat is another activity carried out by your liver. If you consume too much of any sweetener, your liver will produce too much of it. Fatty liver disease is brought on by excess fat, and it is extremely harmful and just causes further problems.
  • Fried foods - The primary job of your liver is to break down food. However, it cannot keep up when it is overburdened with fats. It is advised to steer clear of fried foods and other high-fat foods in general because they can lead to fatty liver. The additional fat can permanently harm the organ's ability to filter nutrition by inducing swelling and scarring. Instead of frying your food, try sautéing it in some healthy fats like coconut oil. Or you can bake them under the broiler to get them nice and crispy.
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