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What Is A Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

What Is A Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

All of the flora depends on sunlight for its growth and conversion of food to energy. It takes place in the green leaves that have chlorophyll in them which makes them green in color. When sunlight falls on leaves, the chlorophyll in them converts the nutrients that have been absorbed from the roots, into energy for the plant's growth and nourishment. This process of converting nutrients into energy with the help of chlorophyll is called photosynthesis.

Now that we have revised the basics of how important sunlight is for any plant’s survival, let us take a look at how Grow Lights help gardeners provide the same kind of light to plants even if it’s cloudy or after sundown. After extensive studies and research, Grow Lights in today’s market is able to replicate the exact function of sunlight that is played for the plants.

Due to this reason, plants are observed to bend and tilt toward the direction of sunlight to get optimum access. If you have noticed, for the same reason, that sunflowers are always facing in the same direction as the sun.

Firstly we need to understand the meaning of a full spectrum LED Grow Light. Light travels in waves, and depending on the length of the wave ( also called wavelength), we are able to perceive different colors. The range/spectrum of wavelengths that humans can see is called the "visible spectrum," which is seen as 7 colors. These colors are violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red. They are the same colors that we see in a rainbow. Due to the same phenomenon of sunlight having so many spectrums, we are able to see the sky as blue, red, orange, and other colors in different places on Earth’s surface. Additionally, we see black in the dark when there is no light of any spectrum and when all the spectrums combine, they are perceived as white in color.

Having understood what spectrum means, we researchers understood the importance of different spectrum/colored lights for the plants. Therefore, almost all the existing Grow Lights in the market have similar functions and the way they work. Grow lights are able to provide all the necessary requirements of the sun to the plants, making them the best alternative for indoor gardening. They are made from LEDs but are not as bright as traditional lights. Hence leaving them on for long hours for the plants is economical and helps the plants to grow faster because of the uninterrupted light spectrum provided to it.

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