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Signs Your Houseplants Need to Be Repotted

Signs Your Houseplants Need to Be Repotted

Needless to say, house plants are pretty much family, and plant parents all over the world tend to them and nurture them with abundant love in their hearts. Sometimes, however, there can come a point in the house plant’s life cycle where it needs to find a new home to sink its roots into and signs of this can elude even the keenest gardening enthusiasts. No need to worry, cause we’ve got your back. Here are the signs that your houseplant needs to be repotted. 

  • Roots coming out of the bottom of the pot – the roots come out from the bottom of the pot when there’s no space inside the pot. Another sign that shows it’s rootbound is when the roots can be seen circling around the top of the pot too. 
  • Plant losing a lot of leaves – if your plants are losing leaves all of a sudden, than usual then, it is a sign that it’s time to repot your plants.
  • The plant is starting to turn yellow – the leaves could turn yellow in large areas. It indicates that it’s rootbound, because there isn’t much soil for the roots and hence not enough soil to hold the nutrients for the roots. 
  • Soil is drying out faster than usual – make sure you observe for any unusual changes in the soil. If your watering schedule increases all of a sudden, it indicates that the plant has grown and it needs to be repotted now.
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