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Plant Care While On Vacation

Plant Care While On Vacation

You're leaving on vacation or were unintentionally called away for a bit, but you can't bring your plants with you. In this situation, getting your indoor plants ready for your absence is crucial! Here are some suggestions on caring for your plants while you are gone for a long time.

  • Water your plants - Every indoor plant you possess needs to be watered. Neem oil and insecticidal soap should be sprayed on each of them, followed by watering. As much as you can, use the shower or sink to spray them down.
  • Put your plants in groups - Give your plants the comfort and companionship of one another if they are a little bit more dispersed throughout your home. When there are other plants nearby, plants tend to thrive considerably more. Plants increase the humidity in their immediate environment for one another.
  • Make a greenhouse out of a plastic bag - Grab a transparent plastic bag that is big enough to fit your plant and its pot. To stop the bag from sticking to the plants, add stakes to the pot. As usual, water your plants, being careful not to overwater them. Pull the bag up and around the plant as you put it inside. Place your plant where it will receive indirect light. This tiny greenhouse will catch water as it evaporates and drips it back into the plant.
  • Consistent temperature - Your plants may suffer if they are arranged in a row without adequate air circulation, so turn on fans at a very low setting to keep the air circulating. Turning on your fans at a low level while you're away may generate air circulation. Additionally, keep your air conditioner or heater running because the temperatures in your home might fluctuate a lot and your plants must have a regular and stable climate.
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