Plants for bathrooms without windows or low light

Plants for bathrooms without windows or low light

Keeping plants in your bathroom gives it a luxurious spa-like feeling. But it’s not just about the look and feel, bathroom plants have a lot of major benefits too. They purify the air in the bathroom and filter out all the bad smells. The plants will breathe in the damp air and stop all the damp problems of your bathroom. The plants in your bathroom will also help you gain some extra energy. Mentioned below are a few plants for bathrooms.

  • Boston Fern – it is the most commonly found plant in the bathroom, as it loves cool temperature, high humidity, and low light. Keep the soil damp as they like moisture.
  • Orchids – thrive on humidity and require indirect sunlight. Orchid plants are small and can be kept in any corner of your bathroom.
  • English Ivy – it is one of the best plants that purify the air. English Ivy loves the high humidity found in bathrooms. These can be hung in the bathroom or can be kept on the edge of the bathtub.
  • Snake plant – it needs low light to survive and can thrive in high humidity. It helps in removing harmful toxins from the air. 

Tillandsia – grows in hot and humid conditions. It is a low-maintenance air plant and hence doesn’t require any soil. Can be hung anywhere in your bathroom to add to the visual effect.

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