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How Gardening Benefits Kids

How Gardening Benefits Kids

Children nowadays have access to a lot of resources that we adults didn’t have in our childhood, and it has only led to an increased complexity in the mental difficulties they face. Gardening is more than just a leisure activity. We sapiens have been affected in more ways than one can imagine. Beneficial to all and everything, it teaches us lessons on how to be a better version of ourselves.

Since the dawn of modern society, we have been gradually neglecting the importance of gardening due to factors that are either voluntary or involuntary. We are voluntarily not able to give it the necessary attention because of our commitments and duties that we need to fulfil as members of society. Involuntarily, we have our minds occupied with actions that demand more of our consideration. 

Anxiety and depression are the most common mental issues that kids face these days. No matter how rich you might be or how strict you are, these illnesses lurk their way into children’s lives, causing disruption and mayhem in the day-to-day thought processes of younglings. The access of the internet has given everyone with an IoT device to be connected to anyone across the globe or to access to almost any information. Thus, untrained children who do not know how to use this power to their advantage are more susceptible to its ill side effects.

It is highly recommended by psychiatrists and psychologists to have a hobby to keep the mind active in an optimistic manner and healthy. Hence, gardening is the best way to go about getting the right habit in place. Both old and new parents have had their fair share of farming or gardening experience and can appreciate the joy and peace that comes from getting their hands dirty and watching their efforts bear fruit in the form of little saplings that eventually grow to bloom into beautiful plants. Sharing the same experience is quite necessary for the newer generation too, for it is not only mentally helpful but there are many life lessons that can be learned too.

The biggest lesson learned is patience. A lot can happen between the time the seeds are planted and the time they are big enough to be cherished and posted on our Instagram stories. Still, having the patience to get to the last stage makes them wise. They learn how to nurture and the importance of giving the plant the proper amount of attention.

Getting hands dirty is now a different experience that the “lockdown” kids are not able to enjoy. We all know how it has been ever since the pandemic struck. The thought of the children not using precautions and safety when playing has been taken to a different level and it makes sense after what we have experienced in the past few years. Allowing children to explore the garden will teach them the importance of cleanliness. It’s okay to get dirty. After all, who else other than kids will get dirty willingly?

The process of gardening helps give the children a sense of responsibility and protection. When they give their time and effort to take care of the plants, they automatically understand their responsibility towards them. After they show their love and get comfortable sharing their love towards the lives of the garden plants, they feel fulfilled and do not keep their emotions bottled up. In the long run, kids understand how to handle their emotions better and it’s always better to hand them the understanding of emotions earlier on in their lives then to have them being lost when they grow up and have several other things to attend to in the little time they have.

In some cases, when the children are already facing mental health issues, gardening is their companion when they don’t see anyone else being there for them. Gardening acts as a much-needed support in the darkest of times and children latch on to pets or friends really quick when they need a shoulder to lean on. Plants are no less than a pet as they need to be looked after regularly and the more you give them care, the bigger and healthier they are able to grow.

Children are the future of this world and the way they are brought up, shapes them, and their future, and affects everything in a chain of events. Teaching good habits and setting them in the right direction can bring out the best.

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