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Types of Soil

Types of Soil

What houses are to humans, is what is soil to plants. Plants rely on soil to extract vital nutrients and provide them the base which enables them to spread their roots. If you choose the wrong sort of soil for your plant, your plant could have a hard time coping up and growing as it ideally should. Here are some types of soils so you can make the right choice for your plant buddy.

  • Sandy soil – one of the poorest types of soil. It has low nutrients and poor water holding capacity hence making it difficult for the plants to grow in this type of soil. It has bigger particles of eroded rocks. Carrot, potatoes, lettuce, strawberries thrive well in sandy soil. 
  • Clay soil – the soil particles are very small and very close to each other. The heaviest and densest type of soil. Can hold a lot of water and nutrients. Ornamental plants and fruit trees thrive well in clay soil.
  • Loamy soil – a mixture of sand and clay soil. The best type of soil for plants to grow as it holds water, air, and nutrients. All kinds of vegetable crops thrive well in a loamy soil.
  • Peat soil – it is acidic soil. Can hold a lot of water. It has fewer nutrients than clay soil. When mixed with organic matter, this soil offers a lot of benefits for the plants. Best for growing salad crops, legumes, and root crops.
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