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100% All-Organic No Pesticides, Harmful Chemicals or GMOs

Save money at the grocery store by growing what you need from home all year long

No wasteful pods or unwanted subscriptions. Grow what you want how you want

Enjoy 50% more nutrients with rinse-free, ready-to-eat, fresh produce

So Quick, It Feels Like Magic


The Herbstation Difference

No other home gardening product on the market offers the freedom and ease of Herbstation.

Our Happy Home Harvesters



I dont need to store herbs in the fridge, just cut them fresh from my kitchen and use them

- Balinda D.

Simply fresh. Simply nutritious.

Simply fresh. Simply nutritious.

  • Harvest around the year with all-season growing
  • Freshness guaranteed; consume and harvest, no need to rinse
  • Far more nutritious and flavourful than store-bought
  • Up to 60% less water consumed and minimal carbon footprint
Experience the joys of harvesting.

Experience the joys of harvesting.

  • Start with any seeds of your choice, or from cuttings or seedlings
  • Any grow medium - garden soil, organic compost mixture, or premix
  • Soilless hydroponic option using cocopeat and dissolved nutrients
  • No seed pods, nutrient subscription or recurring costs

Nature Inspired Design

Inspired by the shapes of pottery and the textures from nature, Herbstation looks as good as it functions. It brings the freshness and tranquility of nature, to any corner of your home and is available in 3 easy to set up sizes.

Premium dark walnut and porcelain white grow tubs

Anodized aluminum frame and fittings

Fully enclosed grow light bars with discreet cabling

No pump, waterline, or noise - unlike hydroponic systems

High-quality magnetic-mounting LED grow lights

High-quality magnetic-mounting LED grow lights

  • Low-power OSRAM LEDs with high-PPFD, true-PAR with low-light pollution
  • Lasts long with Meanwell driver, custom lens, superior heat sinks, and daisy-chain connectors
  • Industry-first magnetic mounting system, also with height adjustment
  • Optional greenhouse pack with roll-up door and quick-access window
Guesswork-free watering system

Guesswork-free watering system

  • Stores 51/1.2 US gal. per grow tub, lasts between 7-14 days on average
  • Least evaporation and run-off loss, consume up to 60% less water
  • No power or water connection involved
  • Root oxygenation for healthier plant growth and fewer pathogens

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