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On the PICO Pack of 3 + timer
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Plant Parenting Made Simple, Sophisticated & Stylish

If you have a passion for growing your herbs but not the
time or skills, this is a perfect starting point. On the other hand, if you're
a serious gardener, the PICO's petite design & aesthetics might appeal to
you more.

Minimum effort, Maximum satisfaction!

5 Reasons why PICO is a must-buy for herb gardening enthusiasts:

1. It's reliable

1. It's reliable

Herb gardening is a delicate affair. It's all about balance
and patience. Nothing worse than seeing your favourite herb bolt just a few days before it was scheduled to be plucked.

Self-watering ability & OSRAM LED Lights from Germany
designed for horticulture for consistent growth. They'll ensure your patience
doesn't go unrewarded. 

2. It's versatile - handles it all -

from low maintenance like mint to the more finicky

3. It's attractive - cute & adorable

a conversation piece for your next dinner party.

4. It's fun! A built-in magnet that attaches itself to any metal.

Now mount the PICO on any metal surface and

5. It's sturdy - 1-year warranty.

Everything about this planter screams premium. And its
construction quality is no different. 

Dispatched by Us. Fulfilled by Amazon

• While gardening is about patience, e-commerce delivery is not!
• Once the order is placed, we dispatch it in 24 hours.
• The last thing we would want is for your order to be in a state of limbo.
• Hence, we've tied up with Amazon to ensure your order reaches you in 2-3 days.


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