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Altifarm | Grow like a pro

  • Grow fresh produce at home, all year long.
  • Massive grow area in a compact footprint
  • Patented self-watering system.
  • Tool-less assembly, solid construction and eco friendly materials.
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    Product information

    Made from food-grade BPA-free HDPE/ABS materials, Altifarm
    is an all-season modular home farm. Altifarm gives you the power to be self-reliant and grows farm-fresh edibles wherever you are.

    Now you can grow everything from herbs to root vegetables,
    take control of what you eat, and say no to chemicals and GMOs.

    The inbuilt self-watering system stores water for almost a
    week and takes care of routine watering without any guesswork.

    Grow Light Pack is an LED-based system, designed to convert
    an Altifarm into a productive powerhouse for year-round indoor farming.

    It is easy to assemble, height-adjustable, and flexible.

    Now you can grow like in a yard, from just about anywhere,
    any time of the year.


    Food safe, BPA free, UV treated HDPE Tubs

    Food-grade HIPS inner tray

    Powder-coated steel frame

    Silicon-based End Caps

    PP Overflow Tube

    OSRAM LEDs with secondary lenses Growlight Pack

    Custom-made polymer compound with UV resistance Greenhouse

    Stainless steel spherical wheel along with nylon outer shell
    Mobility Pack

    Care Instructions

    Handles are provided at both ends of the inner tray for easy
    maintenance. Gently lift both the handles simultaneously to raise the inner
    tray and the soil at once.

    Replace the water every 3-4 months to prevent stagnation. To
    do this, pull the white overflow plugs beneath the tubs to drain most of the
    water. Use the included handles to lift the inner tray along with the soil.
    Re-apply the plugs after cleaning.

    We recommend replacing the soil/medium every 6-8 months or
    use manure or compost or fertilizer to replenish the nutrients.

    Use a mild detergent and water to clean the tiers. Do not
    use other solvents, chemicals, or high-pressure washers, to clean the tubs.


    3 tier –
    Weight – 51lbs / 23kgs
    Grow medium – 146lbs / 66kgs
    Water storage – 17L / 5 gal
    Assembled size – 31*20*44in / 78*45*112cm
    Packaged size – 32*22*18in / 80*56*45cm

    4 tier –
    Weight – 68lbs / 31kgs
    Grow medium – 245lbs / 111kgs
    Water storage – 17L / 5 gal
    Assembled size – 31*23*61in / 78*58*156cm
    Packaged size – 31.5*23.6*19.5in / 80*60*49.5cm


    Eat Fresh, Eat right

    Grow your own edibles with minimum fuss in an Altifarm. Self-reliance begins at the plate.


    No guesswork, no hassles

    Forget the worries of under or overwatering. Just top up from time to time. Altifarms’s patented self-watering system lets your plants draw exactly as much water as they need.


    Too easy to DIY

    Assembling your Altifarm is child’s play with zero nuts and bolts, zero tools and zero compromises on strength and stability.


    Farm your imagination

    Grow herbs, rooting vegetables, fruiting plants, leafy greens and much more. As you sow, so shall you reap.


    Happy in its nook

    With a footprint so compact, a corner in your room is all your Altifarm takes.


    Make friends with earth

    Get your hands dirty as Altifarm works with soil. However, that doesn’t limit your experiments with hydroponics and different grow media.

    Altifarm On Kickstarter

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews Write a review

    • Robert Bell

      Robert Bell

      It’s still cold here in San Diego, but we have begun putting out veggie seedlings. They are growing very quickly!

    • Rachit v.

      Rachit v.

      I got my altifarm and it was very easy to install and assemble. It is kept in my balcony and fits perfectly out there. I am too excited and can’t wait for my vegetable to grow!!!

    • Scott Palmer

      Scott Palmer

      The notion of walking across the room from the kitchen to the family room to pick fresh greens for your salad just rocks! Altifarm is simple to set up and designed to be successful.

    • Cassie D

      Cassie D

      Received it a few weeks ago. Everything is growing well in it. The pieces assembled together as they should.

    • sunmoon


      I’m amazed at the quality of this product! Started to use specifically for seed starting to plant in the garden and it worked wonderfully.

    • Trevor H

      Trevor H

      Got the system setup quickly and easily. Now I'm looking forward to a garden growing!

    • Rene W

      Rene W

      All ready for the new urban garden season with my altifarm

    • Brenhaas


      LIVING THE DREAM with this : The Altifarm is like nothing I’ve ever experienced as a home gardener.

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