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The Most Versatile Indoor Farm

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Grow Tubs

Food-safe, BPA-free HDPE upper 

Food-safe, BPA-free HDPE lower 

Built-in self-watering system with spout, water level, overflow


LED Grow lights

Aluminum-alloy heat sink

ROHS-certified PCB


PMMA secondary lens

ABS enclosure

UL-certified waterproof wiring kit

Meanwell driver/ power supply



Anodized aluminum extrusions

Glass-filled Nylon arms and hangers

Brass fitments and steel springs

Glass-filled PC baseframe

Powder-coated steel uprights

Care Instructions

• You may periodically clean the plastic tubs of the grow tubs with soap and warm water. Do not use other solvents, chemicals, or abrasive brushes.

• You may flush the tubs with running water from a tap or a hose, and remove residue from the other end, by pulling out overflow tubes once every 3 to 6 months.


Herbstation Desktop
• Weight – 14.5lbs / 6.5kgs
• Grow medium capacity – 7.7lbs / 3.5kgs
• Water storage – 4.5L / 1.5gal
• Assembled size – 22*10*19in / 56*25.5*48cm
• Packaged size – 23.5*10.5*9.5in / 59.5*26.5*24cm

Herbstation Wall-Mounted
• Weight – 18lbs / 8kgs
• Grow medium capacity – 15.5lbs / 7kg
• Water storage – 4.5L / 1.5gal
• Assembled size – 22*11*47in / 56*28*120cm
• Packaged size – 24*21*9.5in / 60*53*24cm

Herbstation Floor Standing
• Weight – 25lbs / 11kgs
• Grow medium capacity – 23lbs / 10.5kgs
• Water storage – 4.5L / 1.5gal
• Assembled size – 22*13*63in / 56*33*160cm
• Packaged size – 24*30*10in / 60*77*25cm

What's in the Box

Herbstation Countertop

Self-watering Grow Tub x 1

Grow Light Upright Assembly

LED Grow Light Bar x 1

Meanwell LED Driver & Wiring kit

User Manual & Documentation


Herbstation Wall-Mounted

Self-watering Grow Tubs x2

Frame Assembly

LED Grow Light Bar x 2

Meanwell LED Driver & Wiring kit

Wall Brackets, Drilling Template, Fasteners & Plugs

User Manual & Documentation


Herbstation Floor Standing

Self-watering Grow Tubs x 3

Frame Assembly

LED Grow Light Bar x 3

Meanwell LED Driver & Wiring kit

Base Frame

User Manual & Welcome card


1. What is the best grow medium for Herbstation?
Herbstation gives you the freedom to grow as you like. Grow with garden soil and seeds of your choice Or full hydroponic (coco-peat + added nutrients in water). No need for seed pods, subscriptions or recurring costs.

2. Can I grow hydroponically?
You can, but Herbstation gives the freedom to grow hydroponically or with any soil.

3. When and how to add water?
The self-watering indoor garden holds up to 1.5 gallons of water/tub, only requiring you to refill once a week.

4. How long do herbs take to germinate?
It takes less than a week to see the sprouting begin.

5. Can I grow different plant varieties at the same time?
You have the freedom to grow different plant varieties at the same time.
From garden soil and seeds of your choice to full hydroponic (coco-peat + added nutrients in water). No seed pods, subscriptions or recurring costs.

Growing area :
Countertop : 23.5"D x 10.5"W x 9.5"H
Wall Mount: 24"D x 21"W x 9.5"H
Floor Standing : 24"D x 30"W x 10"H

6. Is there any periodic maintenance required?
There is no maintenance required for Herbstation. All it needs is some cleaning.

7. What if a component is damaged or not working properly?
Herbstation comes with a 1-year warranty, and 6 months extended warranty (when signed up). Drop us an email at, and we will have it resolved or replaced for you.

8. Does it come with a starter kit?
It has everything it needs to get started. We do not provide soil or pods/seeds. We believe in giving complete freedom and making gardening fun & therapeutic.

9. Which water is best for plants?
Any tap water is suitable for Herbstation. It Consumes up to 60% less water.

10. Can I go on vacation & leave my Herbstation unattended?
The Herbstation holds up to 1.5 gallons of water/tub, and it only requires you to refill once per week. No more stress above over watering or under watering

11. Can the produce from Herbstation be called organic?
There are no Pesticides, preservatives, or GMOs in home grown produce of Herbstation. Hence you can call them organic with great nutritive value.

468+ Orders Shipped

117+ Reviews

Crowd Funded & Community-Driven

So Quick, It Feels Like Magic

Herbstation makes home growing easy, simple and effortless. Grow your heart's content in no time.

Beautiful home farms that shine

Beautiful home farms that shine

Inspired by the shapes of pottery and the textures from nature, Herbstation looks as good as it functions. It brings the freshness and tranquility of nature, in any corner of your home.

  • Premium dark walnut and porcelain white grow tubs
  • Anodised aluminum frame and fittings
  • Fully enclosed grow light bars with discreet cabling
  • No pump, waterline, or noise- unlike hydroponic systems
Fresh food on demand

Fresh food on demand

Herbstation provides farm-fresh produce and makes growing effortless and enjoyable, even for beginners. No pesticides or GMOs, and no nutritional loss from rinsing off herbs. Just a celebration of one’s labor of love!

  • Harvest around the year with all-season growing
  • Freshness guaranteed; consume and harvest, no need to rinse
  • Far more nutritious and flavourful than store-bought
  • Up to 60% less water consumed and minimal carbon footprint
Freedom to grow as you like

Freedom to grow as you like

Like it the old way with garden soil, or prefer soil-less hydroponics? Now you could have it both ways. No seedpod or nutrient subscriptions— just plant whatever grows best for you.

  • Start with any seeds of your choice, or from cuttings or seedlings
  • Any grow medium - garden soil, organic compost mixture, or premix
  • Soilless hydroponic option using cocopeat and dissolved nutrients
  • No seed pods, nutrient subscription or recurring costs
Harvest all-year-round

Harvest all-year-round

Go from germination to harvest without sunlight, with the world’s first magnetic-mounting LED bars. Also, the optional Greenhouse pack protects your plants in winter from the elements.

  • Low-power OSRAM LEDs with high-PPFD, true-PAR with low-light pollution
  • Lasts long with Meanwell driver, custom lens, superior heat-sinks, and daisy-chain connectors
  • Industry-first magnetic mounting system, also with height adjustment
  • Optional greenhouse pack with roll-up door and quick-access window
Guesswork-free watering

Guesswork-free watering

Ever wondered if it's too much or too little water? Or forget to water your plants? Not anymore - just top up the reservoir when the water level indicator shows low level. It's self-regulating and plants will absorb whatever they need.

  • Stores 5l/1.2 US gal. per grow tub, lasts between 7-14 days on average
  • Least evaporation and run-off loss, consume up to 60% less water
  • No power or water connection involved
  • Root oxygenation for healthier plant growth and fewer pathogens

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Herbs & Microgreens Fruits & Veggies Flowers
Herbs & Microgreens Fruits & Veggies Flowers
Herbs & Microgreens Fruits & Veggies Flowers

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Crowdfunded & Community-driven

Herbstation came to life with the support of thousands of backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We work closely with our early adopters, build what they want, listen to their feedback and improvise.