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Plants That Repel Snake

Plants That Repel Snake

While interactions with snakes can be quite uncommon depending on how deep in the concrete jungle you live, they are certainly not outside the realm of possibility given how fast human beings are eroding their habitats, leaving them with not much space to move around in. In the scenario you live in an area frequented by snakes, you can rely on a few plant buddies to keep them from entering your home. 

  • Snake plant – the sharp leaves of the snake plant scare the snakes away. This is a low-maintenance plant and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.
  • Lemongrass – it has a strong citrus scent that scares off the snakes. Lemongrass is an easy-to-maintain plant. It even helps in repelling mosquitoes from your garden.
  • Wormwood – it has a strong musky scent and hence snakes prefer to stay away from it. It is easy to grow wormwood and is also known to be used for various digestion problems.
  • Garlic and onion – these are great snake repellents. The smell of garlic and onion not only helps in scaring away the snakes but also disorients the snake. 
  • Snakeroot – the bitter smell from the roots and foliage of this plant, makes the snake feel dizzy and slows down the heart rate of the snake. Hence this is how snakeroot plants repel the snakes from your garden. 
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