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Plants That Grow Only in Water

Plants That Grow Only in Water

Sometimes, you may not have access to the right soil or ingredients in order to plant conventional plants. This can be quite a bummer albeit there’s no need to feel low! Thankfully, nature bestowed upon us plants that only grow in water. Here are some plants that grow in water.

  • Spider plant – use non-chlorinated water for spider plants. Make sure that the leaves are outside the water. Keep changing the water every 2-3 days. Keep the plant under indirect sunlight.
  • Begonia – to start a whole new begonia plant in water, all you need is a single leaf. Keep it near a window. Make sure you keep changing the water every week. 
  • Chinese money plant – use non-chlorinated water for chinese money plant. Keep it near a window so that it gets direct sunlight. Make sure you keep adding water as and when needed to keep the roots in the water. 
  • Mint – make sure the mint has thick stems if you are growing it in water. Remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem. Keep your mint where there is indirect sunlight. 
  • Lucky bamboo – use distilled water for lucky bamboo. Add enough water to cover the roots of the plants. Change the water once a week. You can keep it where there is low light. 
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