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Gardening During the Pandemic

Gardening During the Pandemic

2020 hasn’t been the easiest for anyone, for most of us it meant strict home confinement. Time not spent going outside on weekends with friends and family was used for different activities like cooking, binge-watching series, painting, reading, and even writing.  But what’s more fascinating about this year is that it has created a new generation of plant enthusiasts (a change that we admire a lot), who have found growing fun and excellent for their well being. 

Perhaps the most therapeutic use of this pandemic is gardening. Some of us adopted gardening for the first time as an effort of being self-sufficient 

As people are becoming more conscious about the food they eat and where their food is coming from. Many have realized the importance of having a home garden or a farm to get fresh and healthy food as it removes the need of having to rely on dubious vegetable markets. It also gives us a  sense of satisfaction that comes from knowing that the food is fresh, natural, and grown in front of our eyes. 

While most of us used pandemic as an opportunity to spend some time pruning, weeding, and growing for enjoyment. We reconnected with nature and brought greenery to our house. 

Many of us joined the houseplants movement as we recognized the positive effects of having greenery in our space. Good indoor plants not only beautify the place but also add some cheer with their vibrant colors. They bring texture and calm into space and improves our home’s air quality but that’s only the start of it. They offer a whole host of benefits, from promoting productivity to reducing our anxiety.

Many stressed and overscheduled Americans experienced a boost in their productivity and concentration when houseplants around. Plants met several pandemic needs from relieving tension to relaxing our soul. Many doctors recommended gardening to patients suffering from depression. 

It’s for all these reasons the gardening industry found a significant spike in people buying indoor plants and other gardening supplies.

 The Rise in Gardening Retail During COVID-19

Study shows 38% of people are getting back to nature, brightening and beautifying their spaces with dazzling houseplants, particularly during this season.

Pandemic has surely led to many amazing gardening trends that took over the internet and will continue to grow. Vertical gardening and caring for houseplants tops the 2020 gardening trends. Organic farming, succulents care, composting, gardening DIYs, water propagation of houseplants and herbs are some of the trends that inspired many. 

With work from home becoming a basic new norm. For most of us, it also means hunting out for a productive corner of the house to work from. Living plants instinctively make us at ease with our surroundings, creating a sense of well-being and providing the quiet stimuli needed to get the job done!

Whether you’re in the office or working from home, nothing creates a happier vibe than living greens in your workplace!

Since it’s unknown how long we will be working from our home offices, it’s worth adding some greenery to your desk if you haven’t already. 

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