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Best and Unique Gift Ideas for Indoor Gardeners 2021

Best and Unique Gift Ideas for Indoor Gardeners 2021

Gifting can turn into a bit of a nightmare given that it is an excruciating decision to make, with a plethora of factors to be taken into account and that insurmountable need to gift something that truly blows every other gift out of the water. If the person you’re about to gift happens to be a gardener, you’d be able to bring some relief to yourself by narrowing down your options to perfect gifts for gardeners. It is possible that even after zeroing in on the kind of gift you’d like to get for them, the schism of options might still remain broad. In that case, it is best to imagine what would make their gardening experience more convenient, or bring their garden closer to home. Okay, how about you help them bring the garden inside their very home?! Here are some fantastic gifts you could look at to bring a big smile to your loved one’s faces and help them get started with indoor gardening!

1. Rain Collection Barrels

We all know about the benefits of rainwater harvesting, having learned about the sustainability concept as children. Not only would using rain collection barrels help you champion the cause of water conservation and recycling, but it’ll also help the plants grow exponentially given the presence of vital nutrients that only rainwater contains and which plants acquire throughout the rainy season across their lifespan. It could be one of those nifty gardening gifts that your friend would find immensely useful, especially when the monsoons come around.

2. Sky Planters

Space constraints can be quite a bummer when one intends to start off an indoor garden. Sometimes, the space could become so cluttered that it might not have sufficient space for your plant friends to settle in. This is where sky planters make for nifty gifts. Simply hang them from the ceiling and watch them grow! That being said, what if your space doesn’t receive enough sunlight? How do you solve that problem? Perhaps you’d like to take a look at low light indoor plants like succulents or a money plant, but you can’t be blamed for wondering if there’s a way to bypass the problem entirely so that you and your friend can plant anything you wish to.

3. Self-watering planters

Here’s the solution to that! A lot of self-watering planters come with LED grow lights installed with them, which means that they’re able to provide light to plants even when they’re indoors. They also come with a self-watering function as the name suggests, meaning that you don’t have to water your plants all the time and can leave it up to the system. One can create an indoor hydroponic garden, pretty much their own indoor herb garden. If this is what you’d like to go for, we’d say a really cool gift for your gardener friend would be these particular planters that come in all kinds of sizes, be it in the shape of a large indoor plant pot or a small one. 

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