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5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Herb Garden

5 Reasons to Grow Your Own Herb Garden

Gardening can improve your health, physically and mentally, add some healing herbs into the mix and you’ve double-downed on the benefits. The positives from growing your own herb garden are truly abundant, from saving money to getting outdoors to encouraging you to cook at home more often. And many of the tasty herbs you’ll incorporate in your meals, also have healing qualities.
Growing your own herbs is an easy and fun way to ensure you have just what you need to add a little flavor to your dishes. These are a few reasons you should consider starting an herb garden today.

1. Redefine fresh

When you grow herbs, you can wait to cut them until right when you need them. That means never worrying about the basil and parsley getting dried out and brittle before you have the chance to put it to work. Plus, visiting the garden or the pot on your window sill is a lot more convenient than running out to the store.

Redefine fresh

2. Taste the difference

Using dried herbs is often a more inexpensive and convenient alternative to fresh ones. In some cases, such as oregano or rosemary, you may be able to get away with using the dried variety in cooking without losing too much flavor. However, fresh is almost always the tastier option.

Taste the difference

3. Save money

Raising herbs yourself is one way you can cut down on the price of essential ingredients. You won’t miss spending more to get herbs that are the same or worse in quality than what you can plant in your own home.

Save money

4. Add variety to your dishes

That garden offers a great opportunity to experiment with some different flavor combinations. Take advantage of your herbs to try out a new recipe or two. Grow some herbs you have rarely used in the past to encourage yourself to take risks in your cooking.

Add variety to your dishes

5. Bring colour to your home

In addition to tasting wonderful, your fresh herbs will look great. These plants are often easy to get started and can fit into compact spaces, so they can contribute a welcome bit of life to your backyard. Tending to the herbs will become a pleasant daily activity, with the added rewards of noticeable improvements in your cooking and grocery bill.

Bring colour to your home
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