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New Year's Resolutions For Gardeners

New Year's Resolutions For Gardeners

2022 was a year when we all healed from the lockdown and the ill effects of what transpired during the unexpected turn of events. Almost having a pandemic behind us and having gained an experience that no one could have taught us, our society has emerged stronger and we have successfully met many of our goals so we all deserve a massive pat on the back and cheers for your good health. The next goal is to be consistent in keeping up the good habits and what is a better time than a new year to begin?

  • Remember all the health benefits that we got to read about and learn about during the pandemic? This is information that can be used in our day-to-day lives as we are getting back to normal. Start growing greens at home for various reasons. The best reason is that growing herbs or vegetables at home negates the possibility of any foreign contamination. You know that your green hasn’t been ingested by any additives and can monitor your well-being. You can grow herbs that can improve your immunity. Additionally, it is only a beneficial habit to grow your own greens.
  • Garden maintenance is also important for a healthy and lush garden. Make a habit of checking if your plants are well watered and the soil’s moisture level is up to the required need. For those plant parents, self-watering plants are recommended so that they only need to look at their garden once in a while. All of Altifarm Enverde’s products such as PICO, Herbstation, and Altifarm are self-watering and can take care of your plants of any size for weeks, depending on certain conditions. Additionally, we need to regularly check for damaged or decaying parts of the plants. They are those parts that start drying or have some kind of animal or insect infesting them. These parts are better cut down than kept as they only draw nutrients from the plant even as they are dying, can prevent the spread of any infestation to the rest of the plant, and keep the visual beauty of the plant uncompromised.
  • You can only know how salty your food is if you taste it. Similarly, resolute to try new things in the year 2023. Explore new roads that were left untravelled and make memories out of the experiences you gain. Try growing fruits, different vegetables, herbs, or just a new decorative plant that will give a new vibe to your home. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations and experiment.
  • Make birdhouses with seeds and water storage containers that can keep birds hydrated and cool during Summer. In the same way, birds have a hard time finding a safe spot to rest and cool down in the ever-growing concrete jungle, Bats too need places to be safe. Bats add to the garden by taking care of any insects as they feed on them, they can kill all the mosquitoes in your surrounding which can spread various diseases as mosquitoes can be carriers of many. Additionally, bat droppings act as a natural fertilizer for plants.
  • Make a compost bin in the garden. It’s a solution to discard dead plant parts and unused vegetable parts such as buds or their roots, egg shells, fruit covers, stale or expired food products, etc. These bins provide nutrients to the soil that will nourish your plants that need them. Earthworms feed on these compostable products and help prevent the soil from corrosion while making better drainage for the water.
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