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Best Indoor Gardening Ideas – How to Grow a Garden Inside Your Home

Best Indoor Gardening Ideas – How to Grow a Garden Inside Your Home

You may think of gardening as an outside activity, but there are plenty of entertaining ways to get your hands dirty indoors as well. So open that window and allow some fresh air in, put out an old sheet or some newspapers, grab a bag of potting soil, and get started on one of these fun indoor gardening projects. You might be amazed at how much fun you have and how beautifully your projects turn out!

  • Baking tin planter – an inexpensive and easy-to-make planter. Take a round baking tin, cut the polymer plastic sheet into a semi-circle and stick it onto the baking tin with gorilla glue. Add stones or gravels at the bottom of the tin for better drainage. Add soil on top of it and plant any herbs of your choice.   
  • Mason jar hanging planter – the best planter for your kitchen. Fill a mason jar with gravels or stones at the bottom and add some potting soil on top of it and plant some herbs. Tie a wire around the neck of the mason jar and hang it on a hook near your kitchen window.
  • Coconut planter – split the coconut in half. Scrape away the coconut meat with a knife completely. Drill 3 holes for the ropes so that you can hang them. Pot your coconut planter with your favorite plants and add them to your indoor apartment garden. 
  • Teapot garden – you can grow succulents and herbs in your old teapot to make your own garden in your bedroom. Add some gravel to the bottom and angle it towards the spout. This allows to drain the water well. Add soil over the gravel and then plant anything you wish to. The best way to water your plants in a kettle is through the spout. 
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