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How to Propagate an Umbrella Plant

How to Propagate an Umbrella Plant

The Umbrella plant is also known as Dwarf Schefflera. It is easy to propagate an umbrella plant. One must propagate their plants to increase its collection. The best time to propagate your umbrella plant is in the spring or early summer. Before propagating, make sure your plant is pest and disease-free. Here’s how to propagate an umbrella plant.

  • Take a small plastic pot and fill the bottom with some small rocks so that the water doesn’t leak easily.
  • Then put some regular potting soil and peat moss to keep it moisturized.
  • Use a disinfected scissor or blade and cut a stem that has some baby leaf. Make sure you have a larger piece of the stem and cut it just above the lower leaf node.
  • Stick it deep into the soil and make sure it is held up by the soil. You can also add some rocks to help it secure itself. 
  • Put the plant in a plastic cover as umbrella plants require a lot of humidity to propagate. 
  • Make sure that your plant is in a warm place without much direct sunlight and make sure it is evenly moist at all times.
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