Most Frequently Asked Questions about Pico

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Pico

Hello there! If you’ve landed on this page, you probably have some burning questions related to growing in Pico. Don’t sweat it, we are here to help you and show you a way to grow hassle-free by answering a few of the most asked questions.

Here are few FAQs to help you avoid some of the growing pains and to smoothen your first growing journey with Pico-enjoy!

Q1: When and how to replace the wick in Pico?

Remove the wick by pulling it out with the help of a small tweezer.

Ans: You can replace the wick when it gets damaged over a period of time due to hard water build-up or root tissue growing through the wicks. In this case, just remove the wick by pulling it out with the help of a small tweezer and insert the new one provided as a spare with Pico. Speaking about the longer wick, it should be halved before using. Cut it in the center and make two wicks out of it and use them when needed.

Q2: What is the idle watering period for succulents?

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Ans: Plants like succulents and cacti have very little water requirement and need a dry spell of 4-5 days. You can grow succulents or cacti in Pico just use a well-draining succulent soil and add water only till the middle level. 

Q3: What’s the idle distance between the plant and grow light?

Maintain a light distance of 3-4 inches from your plants to ensure healthy growth.

Ans: Plants will always grow towards the light. The telescopic upright can extend to 8.5″ (or 22cm). Many plants also cascade downwards like Rapunzel’s hair. In this case, they can grow as high (or long) as the height you place your Pico! 

By keeping the light 3-4 inches above your plants as they grow, will encourage strong and full growth. If you keep the lights very close to your plants then it can burn out your plant’s foliage. If you raise the lights too quickly your plants will reach too fast and start to look very thin and leggy.

Q4: What kind of soil should I use for the pico?

You can use soil, cocopeat, perlite, and clay balls to grow in Pico.

Ans: You can use soil from your yard, however, it is advisable to use potting soil that is lightweight and absorbent with good drainage property. It consists of soil, cocopeat, perlite, and clay balls that retain moisture and ensure fast root growth.

Q5: How often do I have to fill the water reservoir?

Say goodbye to guesswork.

Ans: Pico requires significantly less maintenance and water. Pico has a water level indicator, which lets you know when the reservoir is low. Watering mostly varies from plant to plant, and also depends on weather, humidity, growing medium and other variables. While testing in good sunlight near 35 °C, we typically get a 5-7 day watering cycle and get a 7-9 days cycle while testing in the shade.

Q6: Is it normal for the soil to get wet quickly after adding water?

Water that is absorbed by the felt is more than enough to keep the soil moist.

Ans: Water moves through the felt (wick) much more quickly because it’s bone dry. When you add water for the first time, felt takes up as much water as it can and supplies that to the soil making it nice and damp. The water that is absorbed by the felt is more than enough to keep the soil moist for 5-6 days, so refill the reservoir after 5-6 days. For succulents add water only till the middle level and provide a dry spell of at least 2-3 days. 

Q7: How to prevent waterlogging in Soil?

Use a lightweight, well-aerated potting mix that will provide a good texture for wicking

Ans: Using a combo of clay pebbles and lightweight, well-draining potting soil will surely help in decreasing soil moisture. Additionally, you can also use a wick cap to prevent the release of extra moisture. Just place the cap over the wick tube and press it from above to fix it in its position. This will help you prevent excess moisture in your soil.

Q8: I’ve misplaced my Pico/Pico-Timer Manual. Where can I find one??

Ans: Here you can find all the Pico manuals & plant care guide. 

Hope you’ll find it helpful. If you face any problem please do let us know, we’ll be more than happy to help you!

Happy growing!!

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