Save Space, Grow Vertically

Save Space, Grow Vertically

Even with limited space, anyone can grow a garden! People who live in spaces that lack large backyards, or who live in condos or apartments can embrace a space-saving garden that grows vertically instead of the traditional horizontal garden style. While the first thing that may come to your mind when I talk about a garden is a horizontal row of plants, greenery can also be planted in a variety of ways vertically. 

Depending on the design and type of your vertical vegetable garden, some kinds of vegetables may be better suited than others.

Green Walls

Green walls are striking features that can be as large or small as you wish. The basic idea is to suspend a panel containing just enough growing media against a wall. Place your plants in it, and allow water to drip down through by automatic or manual means. The roots take up the moisture, and your plants should thrive. 

Hanging Plants

A hanging garden is an ideal vertical solution for places with space constraints. To create this type of vertical garden, acquire a Herbstation Wall-mounted/ growing bag, that hangs from the wall. These can be placed outside on a fence or indoors.  

Climbing Support

If you have space for a pot, you have space for a climbing plant. Climbers take up very little space on the ground. Place your pot next to a trellis and have your climber ascend that. You could also create free-standing climbing support away from your wall, and grow climbing, flowering plants in a tiny area.

The maintenance of your vertical garden depends on the varieties of vegetables that you have planted. Some need a lot of sunlight and scheduled watering. Others are less hands-on. 

No matter where you live or what kind of vertical garden you choose to have, this method offers you the chance to grow your own produce or aesthetic plants easily, and with a minimal footprint. 

Happy Growing!

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