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PICO - Pack of 2

Plant Parenting Made Simple

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1. Free PICO Timer with PICO Pack of 3 (valued at $34)


• Food safe, BPA-free recyclable body
• Pressure die-cast aluminum heat sink
• Aluminum telescopic arm
• OSRAM LEDs with secondary lenses
• Custom-braided USB-C cables

Care Instructions

• Remove the telescopic pole, using a Philips screwdriver.

• Once the soil/ growing media is removed, force tap water through refill holes and pour out through other end.

• Repeat the above step, till all the particles are washed out.


• Weight: 0.5lbs / 250gms
• Grow medium: 0.22lbs / 100g
• Water storage: 90ml / 0.02gal
• Assembled size: 12.5*3.2*2.4in / 32*8.2*6.3cm
• Packaged size: 5.5*3.5*3in / 14*9*7.5cm
• Colors: Coral White, Sea Green and Stone Blue.

What's in the Box

• Mount
• Metal Bracket
• Diffuser
• Funnel
• Pole Stabilizer
• Power Cable
• Daisy Chain Cable
• 5 x Cable Organizer
• Rawl Plug & Screw
• Spare wick
• Wick Tips
• Adhesive Patches


1)What kinds of plants can I grow in Pico?

Pico helps you grow most ornamental plants such as pilia and lavender, succulents, many edible herbs like basil and mint, and even some fruits and veggies like cherry tomato, chilli peppers.

2)What LEDs does it use? How many? What power?

Pico uses 4 horticultural LEDs from OSRAM of 3 varying wavelengths (white, red and blue). This provides complete autonomy from the sun. Pico can be powered by any USB charger output from 5V 1A and above.

3)How big can the plants in Pico get?

The space between Pico’s lower half and the grow light module at its fully extended height is 22cm or 8.5’’. This is comparable to seed-pod products in the market.

4)How does Pico give the plants the right amount of water?

Self-watering works with capillary action and it maintains an equilibrium of water saturation. Once plant roots absorb water, the capillary wick transmits the same amount of water upwards from the water reservoir below.

5)What is Pico made of?

Pico is made of food-safe BPA-free ABS and PC materials. The telescopic arm is stainless steel and the LED heatsink is made from aluminum.

6)Can I grow vegetables in Pico?

Besides all herbs and salad greens, you can also grow plants like cherry tomatoes, and chili peppers.

7)How much power does Pico use?

Pico works with a 5V 1A charger. Pretty much all phone chargers can be used.

8)How long does it take to grow fresh herbs?

Pico lets plants grow 3-5x faster as compared to growing in a pot. This is thanks to the self-watering, root oxygenation and abundant lighting.

9)Why no inbuilt battery?

Pico can run out any battery pack you might have, like Anker or Mi or Mophie. By not including an internal battery, we have

1. Maximized the space available for grow medium, plants, and water within Pico

2. Skipped regulations/ testings necessary, also saves hassle in shipping

3. Reducing the number of components that can go wrong -during shipping and in usage - thereby increasing the usable life of the product

4. Makes Pico cheaper and accessible to all!

10)How big can the plants grow?

Pico’s telescopic grow lights can extend to 8.5’’ (or 22cm). Many plants also cascade downwards like Rapunzel’s hair. In this case, they can grow as high (or long) as the height you place your Pico!

11)Do the lights have to be plugged in, or just charged everyone once in a while?

Pico does need to be plugged in for the grow lights to work. In order to get the power needed for Pico’s “sunlight” to work all day, a USB-C cable is included. Batteries with this kind of power would have made Pico needlessly complex and expensive, and would have reduced the product lifetime (how long does your cell phone battery last after 2 years?).

12)Are the lights always on?

When Pico is plugged in, the lights come on automatically. With the Stretch Goal unlocked, backers can now get the Pico-timer that automates the turning on and off of Pico’s lights!

13)Is the timer built in?

The Pico-timer is an optional accessory that can be ordered through a survey at the end of the campaign. Its estimated price is $10-15.

21,702+ Orders Shipped

5,425+ Reviews

Crowd Funded & Community-Driven

Palm Sized. Profound Impact.

Join the PICO Squad. 21,702+ happy customers in 135+ countries, taking mindful steps towards plant care.

LED grow lights

LED grow lights

Powered by high-performance, energy-efficient LEDs from OSRAM, PICO energizes your plant with all the necessary wavelengths. Day or night. Spring or fall.

Self-watering system

Self-watering system

PICO’s self-watering system lets your plant draw exactly as much water as it needs. Just, top-up once a week, and you’re good.

Daisy-chaining connections

Daisy-chaining connections

Extend the network. Share the supply. Connect multiple PICOs together with the daisy chain cables included.

Telescopic height adjustment

Telescopic height adjustment

Play catch up with turbocharged plant growth. PICO’s Telescopic Height Adjustment accommodates your plant’s accelerated growth spurt up to 9 inches.

Multi-mount bracket

Multi-mount bracket

With the included Multi-mount bracket and high-strength 3M VHB adhesive patches, you could grow on any vertical surface. Be it a wall, glass window, or a mirror, fresh plants are always welcome.

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What Can You Grow In PICO

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Detox Air Grow Herbs Adorn Home Easy to Grow Scent Your Room Sleep Better
Detox Air Grow Herbs Adorn Home Easy to Grow Scent Your Room Sleep Better
Detox Air Grow Herbs Adorn Home Easy to Grow Scent Your Room Sleep Better
Detox Air Grow Herbs Adorn Home Easy to Grow Scent Your Room Sleep Better
Detox Air Grow Herbs Adorn Home Easy to Grow Scent Your Room Sleep Better

Crowdfunded & Community-driven

PICO came to life with the support of thousands of backers on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. We work closely with our early adopters, build what they want, listen to their feedback and improvise.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Victoria Smith
Exceeds Expectations

well made

Looks good!

Pico looks really awesome! Will definitely be backing and bagging a couple to give to friends and family. One suggestion for the future would be to maybe integrate some kind of system to allow app-based controlling. I know this is easier said than done as someone who works in tech, but think itll be a neat addition.

John H
Got mine!

I received the package today. everything is fine. Pico is very pretty.


Got my Picos last week and they seemed great.

Patrick S
Cool product

Hi ! My picos arrived today ! and they are adorable :)