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Floating Plants for Your Freshwater Pond and Aquariums

Floating Plants for Your Freshwater Pond and Aquariums

While planting in pots is conventional practice, did you know that there are floating plants that can make a home in your freshwater ponds and aquariums, adding a wonderful ecosystem for the life in them to thrive? Here are some great picks for you!

  • Red root floaters – it is a bright and eye-catching floating plant. Requires medium to high light to thrive well. It changes color to blood-red under very bright light conditions.
  • Water hyacinth – it has a beautiful violet color flower. The leaves of this plant give a succulent-like look. They require bright light to thrive well. It absorbs metals like copper and lead from industrial sewage. 
  • Azolla – also known as mosquito fern or fairy moss. This plant has reddish edges. Grows on slow-moving water. It turns bright green under shade and turns purple under full sun. 
  • Subwassertang – it is a german name that translates to freshwater seaweed in English. It is best for shrimp tanks. This plant does not have any roots. Requires low to medium lighting. 
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