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5 Flowers That Attract Bees

5 Flowers That Attract Bees

Without bees, gardening is difficult. Planting flowers that will draw them in is a wise idea. Plants that are rich in both nectar and pollen are very desirable to bees since they visit blooms to collect both of these substances. The following flowers should be planted in your garden to make it a bee-friendly area.

  • Bee balm - Another name for bee balm is monarda. This plant is a favorite of bees, as its name suggests. Bee balm's fragrant foliage draws bees to your yard. The fringed blooms begin to bloom in the early summer and continue for months. This hardy plant rapidly reseeds.
  • Lavender - Because bees adore lavender, it makes a wonderful addition to your garden. From spring through summer, this fragrant shrub offers foraging bees nectar. Bees enjoy lavender because it releases a lot of nectar in the morning.
  • Borage - The most stunning blue star-shaped blossoms can be found on this lesser-known heritage plant. You may always notice bees visiting its lovely blooms if you look at it. Borage is an annual but it produces a lot of seeds, which means the plant will grow back the next year. It can be planted in your herb garden. 
  • Aster - From late summer until the first fall frost, perennial asters grow six-inch-tall flower mounds that are covered in a profusion of white, pink, purple, or blue blooms. Some asters continue to bloom well into the fall, giving bees late-season nectar.
  • Marigold - One of the most lovely flowers, the marigold will add a lot of life to your yard. While it is advantageous to grow marigolds close to plants that provide food in order to stave off a variety of pests, honey bees are attracted to the marigolds' vivid orange, red, and yellow blossoms.
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