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Beneficial Bugs for Your Garden

Beneficial Bugs for Your Garden

Contrary to popular belief, not all bugs are bad. Every creature in nature has a role to play, and bugs and gardens have a symbiotic relationship that helps them sustain each other in the long haul. Here are some bugs you should look out for since they could bring manifold benefits to your garden and help it bloom.

  • Ladybugs – a ladybug is very beneficial for the garden. It reduces pests like aphids, scale, and mites in the garden. To attract ladybugs to your garden, make sure there are insect pests and pollens in abundance in your garden. 
  • Honeybees – it is the most important bug. It pollinates a lot of plants. They exist mainly around citrus trees. Pollinators like bees need to be protected in every possible way. 
  • Spiders – another beneficial insect for the garden as it eats almost a majority of the predators that go into its web. 
  • Ground beetles – there are many species of ground beetles. They feed on cabbage worms, potato beetles, small slugs, etc. the ground beetles search for their prey once it’s dark.
  • Damsel bugs – damsel bugs are another beneficial bug for the garden. They use their pencil mouthparts and long legs to catch prey. They paralyze their prey. They feed on all kinds of big and small insects. 
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