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🌱 Father's Day Offer | Use Code : DAD10 | Extra 10% Off 🌱
Music for Plants

Music for Plants

The relationship between a plant and music is very interesting. Playing music for plants encourages quick and healthy growth! One should be mindful about what type of music is being played for the plants, as the wrong sounds can bring a negative effect to the plants. Here are some points about the different genres and vibrations of the sounds for you to help you understand better what to play for your plants.

Jazz and classical music – this is the best choice of music for your plants. When jazz and classical music are played, the plants tend to lean towards the music. And hence plants thrive well when exposed to jazz and classical music.

Rock music – rock music is not at all suitable for the plants. Plants exposed to rock music fall sick fast and tend to die in a couple of weeks. 

Vibrations – musical vibrations stimulate seed germination. Vibrations from soothing music help the plants grow well as it then produces more nutrients. Vibrations created by rock music stops the growth of the plants, as it creates great pressure.  

Instruments – the growth rate of plants increases when exposed to stringed instruments early in the morning. The frequency of stringed instruments influences the opening of the stomata which in turn absorbs more dew and light energy. 

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