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Hydrating Fruits & Vegetables

Hydrating Fruits & Vegetables

Proper hydration is of utmost importance for your health. In fact, not drinking any water can cause a myriad of complications such as headaches, skin problems, muscle cramps, low blood pressure, and rapid heart rate. While drinking water is very important, you can also get an adequate amount of hydration from foods. There are plenty of foods that contribute a large amount of water to your diet.

Strawberries -

Water Content: 91%

Strawberries are delicious any way you can get your paws on them. You could blend them into a smoothie or have them as is. They have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as Vitamin C and polyphenols, which may help prevent the development of some diseases.

Watermelon -

Water content: 92%

Watermelon is one of the most hydrating fruits we can eat. We all know that watermelon is full of, well, water but this fruit is a very rich source of lycopene which Is a cancer-fighting agent found in red fruits and vegetables. Because of their high water content, they also have a very low-calorie density.

Iceberg Lettuce -

Water content: 95.6

Lettuce and other leafy greens are a vital part of a balanced diet. Crispy iceberg has the highest water content of any other lettuce, followed by butterhead, green leaf, and romaine varieties. They are known for having a mildly sweet flavor and a crisp, crunchy texture.

Cucumber -

Water content 96.7%

This summer vegetable has the highest water content of any other solid food and is perfect in salads, or sliced up and served with some hummus. Eating cucumber has heaps of benefits for the consumer like better digestion, and bone health, and also plays a significant role in the reduction of blood sugar.

Radishes -

Water content 95.3%

Radishes are a superfood whose benefits are attained not only by consuming the radish roots but the flowers, leaves, and seeds as well. If you're feeling adventurous, you could blend the radish into a smoothie which will help the liver detoxify and help the kidneys flush out toxins.

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