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Top 5 Best Keto Fruits

Top 5 Best Keto Fruits

In the age of conscious fitness, people have been seeking out the best diets since most bodies are said to be made in the kitchen. A lot of enthusiasts have gone for fruit-only diets but oftentimes, people wonder if there are fruits that can help them fulfill their ketogenic dietary needs. Here are some keto fruits you can munch on. 

  • Strawberries – Strawberries have a higher water content in them and hence the sugar content seems to be less. Strawberries are low in carbs and high in fiber. You can have half a cup of strawberries per day.
  • Avocado – avocados are high in healthy fats and low in carbs. Avocados provide other important nutrients too like vitamin K, folate, vitamin C, and potassium. It is recommended to have only 1 avocado per day.
  • Coconut – coconuts are high in fiber and improve the digestive system. Coconuts are also a good source of potassium. It is recommended to consume one cup of shredded coconut per day. 
  • Raspberries – raspberries help decrease the appetite and increase satiety. They have a high amount of fiber and also helps in getting your sweet tooth satisfied. You can have a quarter cup of raspberries per day.
  • Olives – Olives are a great alternative to other fruits. You can add any type of olives to your keto diet. They are a great source of healthy fat and are high in sodium. You can have one cup of olives per day.  
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